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Polish Pretzel

Polish Pretzel
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A flaky and soft dough, sank in a sweet syrup, flavoured with pure vanilla essence. The pretzel dough texture is covered harmoniously in the taste of dessert that will let you enjoy an unique flavor.

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flour, yeast, margarine, salt, sugar, vanilla essence, conservatives
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Braided by skilled hands, from quality flour, the polish pretzel from PETRU immerses in the sweet flavors of the sugar syrup and vanilla essence. The same flavors will delight your taste buds, revealing the lively taste of this sweet dessert.

Each juicy bite will satisfy your need for a sweet dessert, with simple and honest taste as in the good old times, but with a fine touch of contemporary flavor that subtle pampers your taste buds.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives
Fats (Lipids)
16.40 g / 100 g
Saturated fatty acids
Glucide (carbohydrates)
 50.22 g / 100 g
Sugar content
5.20 g / 100 g
379 kcal / 100 g
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