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Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel
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A rich filling from apples grown in the middle of nature, covered in a baked crunchy dough, with an appetizing golden colour, will delight your taste which has long waited to be pampered with a classic snap, a sweet dessert from childhood times.

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flour, margarine, salt, sugar, apple filling, conservatives
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The preparation of the ingredients in a traditional style remains the secret of getting the flavoured taste of this apple strudel. When the apples start to ripen it’s a sign that soon can be picked up, because they will have just the right flavor to give taste to your favourite strudel. The strained flour, passionately battered, let to rest at the right temperature is ready to welcome the baked and delicious apple filling.

One of the most loved sweet pastries, the apple strudel from PETRU still keeps the traditional flavor of the good old times food.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives. The product may contain walnuts, peanuts
Fats (Lipids)
15.29 g / 100 g
Saturated fatty acids
9.22 g / 100 g
Glucide (carbohydrates)
56.42 g / 100 g
Sugar content
4.39 g / 100 g
0 g
7.89 g / 100 g
0.35 g / 100 g
405 kcal / 100 g
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