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Raw-Dried Salami Croissant Sandwich

Raw-Dried Salami Croissant Sandwich
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A flaky croissant bun, enriched with the flavoured taste of melted cheese and cheese cream, seasoned with dried salami, lettuce and tomatoes that bring the taste of nature into this delicious sandwich. This is the good taste of daily meal breaks that you can find in our sandwiches.

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multigrain croissant, melted cheese, raw-dried salami, tomatoes, green salad, cheese cream
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A sandwich with classic ingredients, presented in a modern way, with a taste that you will surely find special. From flaky dough, with a rich but balanced combination of salami, cheese and vegetables, this sandwich is a small feast for those who appreciate the good taste in every meal.

In the morning, on your way to the office, in your lunch break or daily, come quickly at PETRU to enjoy a really tasty sandwich.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives, lactose, milk protein

It goes well with:
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Flat Water

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