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Poppy Seed Stick

Poppy Seed Stick
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A flaky golden stick, with a subtle sweet taste, decorated with crunchy poppy seeds, which reveals the favourite taste of the childhood. The long strips of well baked to crunchy dough, with golden flaky edges will make you feel completely the joy of simple taste.

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flour, yeast, salt, oil, granulated sugar, premix, poppy seeds
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The natural ingredients are let to rest slowly in the trough and in the oven, until they transform into strips of flavor. From a handful of simple ingredients, brought carefully together, an authentic taste of flaky dough reveals itself. You will love to taste it.

Rolled us many times as needed, covered in poppy seeds, pampered with sweet syrup, the stick comes to life in our bakery’s ovens and comes to perfection when you eat it. The poppy seed from PETRU waits for you to still enjoy the honest taste from the good old times.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives, eggs

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