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Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart
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A flaky dough that reveals a soft delicious cream, whose taste you will want to feel forever. A sweet temptation for the morning coffee, a small dose of energy in the middle of the day or a delicious way to end a busy day. For all, there is one right answer – the chocolate tart from PETRU.

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flour, sugar, milk, eggs, oil, salt, hazelnut cream
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The chocolate tart from PETRU is a combination of natural ingredients that meet and combine under the skilled hands of our gifted pastry chefs, taking the shape of an accessible dessert, long desired by the food lovers.

The appetizing look and enjoyable texture, complemented by the flavoured taste will make you want one more... and more. At PETRU, fresh chocolate tarts await you every day.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives, lactose, milk protein, eggs, hazelnuts

It goes well with:
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Flat Water

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