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Chocolate croissant

Chocolate croissant
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Flaky golden dough, with a subtle crunchy crust, filled with a fine delicious chocolate cream ready to sweeten your taste buds and your day. The chocolate croissant is the perfect mix between crunchy covering and creamy filling which blend in a sweet tempting taste.

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flour, yeast, margarine, salt, sugar, premix, chocolate cream
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The slowly rolled dough bakes in the warm oven and gets bigger, flaky and golden, steaming with temptation and spreading a fresh baked smell. On the inside, a fine chocolate cream spreads on your taste buds from the first bite, revealing the tempting sweet taste so long awaited.

From the look to the taste, the chocolate croissant from PETRU is a tornado of textures and flavors that will honour your pretentious taste used to special tastes and flavors.

wheat gluten, soy derivatives, lactose, milk protein, eggs
Fats (Lipids)
22.92 g / 100 g
Saturated fatty acids
13.46 g / 100 g
Glucide (carbohydrates)
68 g / 100 g
Sugar content
5.61 g / 100 g
0 g
9.56 g / 100 g
0.3 g / 100 g
509 kcal / 100 g
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