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Chocolate and hazelnuts eclair

Chocolate and hazelnuts eclair
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Between two layers of flaky dough, a delicious cream spreds tempting, decorated with chocolate and hazelnuts cream fondant. A special combination in a familiar cake, whose taste will delight you through the whole culinary experience, which you can have when you enjoy a flavoured eclair from PETRU.

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flour, sugar, milk, eggs, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnuts
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This eclair has a flavoured look and taste, so you will enjoy eat it. From a flaky dough, well-baked as to get a subtle golden tone, the eclair from PETRU balances perfectly the dough, cream and fondant for you to enjoy a full taste.

The beginning of a sweet break or the end of a tasty meal, the eclair from PETRU is the cake which gives flavor to the moment.

wheat gluten,soy derivatives, latose, Milk protein, eggs, walnuts, peanuts

It goes well with:
Flat Water

Flat Water




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