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Cabbage and mushroom puff pastry

Cabbage and mushroom puff pastry
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A triangle of baked dough, filled with rural goodies, which tempts you to try it with its golden look and convinces you to remain faithful to it with its rich taste. The cabbage and mushroom puff pastry is the perfect snap to satisfy your desire to eat some vegetables or a tasty snack for vegetarians.

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flour, yeast, margarine, premix, salt, granulated sugar, cabbage, mushrooms, onion, carrot, vegetable oil
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The cabbage and mushroom puff pastry tempts you both with its appetizing look given by the golden colour and with its filling rich in a variety of vegetables and rural flavors.

The subtle sour taste given by the cabbage complements the taste of the mushrooms in a balance of complimentary flavors that will make you enjoy this puff pastry from the first to the last bite.

wheat gluten

It goes well with:
Flat Water

Flat Water

Fuze Tea Forest fruit

Fuze Tea Forest fruit




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