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On a flaky and full of syrup dough, the pampered chocolate spreads tempting. With each bite, a combination of sweet flavors reveals to you. And then you are glad that you have listened to your rebellious desire and got lost in the good taste of this amandine.

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făină, derivate din soia, lactoză, proteină din lapte
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The chocolate fell in love with this flaky and full of syrup dough and now doesn’t want to leave it. The same way, you will fall in love with this delicious amandine and will not want to forget its taste. The solution is simple: come back again and again at PETRU and get pampered with one more bite of happiness in the shape of an amandine.

It’s not a single day that you can not sweeten with an amandine prepared with the rarest ingredients: passion, experience and tradition. We have it all and we combine it skilfully in a delicious cake.

flour, soy derivatives, lactose, Milk protein

It goes well with:
Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Flat Water

Flat Water




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